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Welcome to WetlookFantasy

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:39 pm
by WetMaster
This is a private website that is actually open to most of the real wetlooklovers out there...
It features FREE pictures and movies, uploaded by our wetlook-fans.
Also we provide some free sets that we originally made for commercial purposes but that got never posted or got rejected.

To make sure we have a group of active users, we give away permissions for free to most of you.
However, you need to prove yourself worthy, by sending us some unseen (!) wetlook.

Send us copyrighted material, and be banned permanently.

If you do not have unique material, but still want access to stuff we might have to offer, try to convince us ;)
Also, do make sure you have read our rules:
- Never post copyrighted material
- Never post underage erotica
- Do not spam your own site or other crap

We hope this will be a freehaven for those hardcore collectors that already have everything there is from the commercial sites.

Have fun!